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Dental X-Ray Machine

IntraOs DG Dental X-Ray Equipment

The Sharpest Images Delivered

IntraOs DG is an innovative dental X-ray equipment which meets the most stringent imaging requirements in the dental field, both when using high resolution digital receptors or finest grain films.






Dental X-Ray Equipment - World's best for digital imaging featuring

0.4 Focal Spot

The best results can be achieved when incombination with digital sensors (Click here to see our EVA sensor), the full imaging potential of which, powered by image processing and manipulation, can be exploited without compromises.

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A trusted brand thanks to its durability, good quality and ease of use thanks to the intuitive control panel and the automatic setting of parameters by just choosing patient size and tooth of interest.

A new standard

The joint use of extra fine focus (XFF) generators and high resolution digital sensors is actually setting a new imaging standard with highly defined images and with great diagnostic power. The very small focal spot of the X-ray insert, the beam limiting device with effective near focus collimation and the penetration power of the 70 kV radiation beam consitute the best combination of elements to get sharp images with good radiographic contrast and optimum detail perception.


Mobile support system


Wall mounted support system


The Mobile support is composed of:

  • Mobile stand: W:74cm, H:12cm, D:62cm
  • Folding Arm: H:73cm

The wall mounted support system includes:

  • Wall support: W:12cm, H:24cm, D:9cm
  • 30cm, 60cm and 80cm extension arms
  • Folding arm; useful reach of:

        138cm with 30cm extension arm

        168cm with 60cm extention arm

        188cm with 80cm extension arm

Low Dose

An important feature of the system is the wide latitude of exposure given by the anode voltage potential of 70 kV over a range of technique factors from 0.21 to 11.2 mAs, which allows to cover the needs of low dose sensors and of traditional films. High care is devoted to neutralization of soft radiation by filtration in compliance to quality requirements, till to the right hardness of radiation for high rendering.


Technical Data - Tube Head

For more information about the IntraOs DG Dental Machine please don't hesitate to contact the office on 01484 859330 or you can download the brochure here.






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